About Us Sandra Dickson - Massage Therapist

Sandra Dickson is the owner of Hands on Therapy and has been a full-time professional massage therapist for the last ten years. She graduated from Bradley University with a bachelorís degree in business and then later became a Certified Massage Therapist from Praxis College of Massage in Oklahoma City after finishing a two-year, 1100-hour educational program.

Sandra has completed seminars studying St. Johnís Neuromuscular Therapy techniques for neck and shoulders and lower back as well as Upledgerís CranioSacral Therapy I. She was also trained in Swedish and Shiatsu from Praxis, and she has taken two Myoskeletal seminars with Eric Dalton, a nationally known speaker and founder of Myoskeletal Techniques.

Sandra has taken all of the best that she has learned from her training and experience and has combined them into her own style of massage.  She is flexible with the level of pressure she uses with each client, switching from deep tissue therapy work to moderate or light touch relaxation massage according to each clientís preference.

Sandra loves her profession and continues to increase her knowledge and skills in the field of massage therapy.

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